Teacher Characteristics That Affirm Learner Potential

Adapted from M. Finocchiaro, The Crucial Variable in TESOLD: The TeacherSpeech delivered at the Lackland Air Force Base, English Language Branch, Defense Language InstituteMarch 1974 Superior teachers are committed to the principle that all normal people can learn. They modify curriculum content as they ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of learners and--with older students--their aspirations. … Continue reading Teacher Characteristics That Affirm Learner Potential

Features of Successful Language Classes

From Howard B. Altman, What Is second language teaching? In J. E. Alatis, H. B. Altman, & P. M. Alatis (Eds.), The second language classroom. Oxford University Press, 1981. In the spring of 1961, a team of five foreign language teachers and specialists undertook a qualitative assessment of language teaching around the United States. ...Team … Continue reading Features of Successful Language Classes